by John F. McAlevey

An active and out-spoken citizen, John F. McAlevey has submitted numerous
Letters to the Editor concerning public issues. Several published Letters are
referenced here, in chronological order.


Point of View

Published: May 14, 1972

A Method For Suburb to Aid Poor
By John F. McAlevey, Supervisor, Town of Ramapo, Rockland County, NY

Three-column Letter beginning Real Estate section Page 1, cont. page 9.



Published: January 8, 1984

By way of supplement to your article entitled ''Rules on Donating
Easements'' (Dec. 11) relative to official scrutiny of claimed tax benefits on
preservation easements, it might be of interest to know of the experience
of the Town of Ramapo with its pioneering Development Easement
Program in the late 60's.

In 1967, the Town of Ramapo adopted as an affirmative program the
preservation of open space by the solicitation of development easements
from owners of residentially zoned property.

At the time, I was the Supervisor of the Town and primary promoter of the

In 1974, a year after I retired from the office of Supervisor, the town
commissioned me to do a retrospective analysis of the various pioneering
programs that had been developed with little precedent during my
administration. The Development Easement Acquisition Commission Law
was rewritten by me and readopted in 1974 based on the experience
gained in its administration over the preceding five years.

What became evident through confirmed sales of properties encumbered
by the easements during that period was that there was no significant
attrition on the resale value of the encumbered properties.

In the absence of experience, we felt justified when the program was
initiated in adopting an arbitrary scale of value depreciation related to the
number of years the property was voluntarily encumbered.

By 1974, the arbitrary scale of depreciations could no longer be justified
and much more limited discounting of values was adopted instead. The
program continues but on a much reduced scale. JOHN F. MCALEVEY,
Ramapo, N.Y.

Some Credit to Fulani

Published: September 21, 1994

To the Editor:

Is it appropriate to dismiss Lenora Fulani's percentage of the New York
Democratic primary vote for governor as summarily as you do when you
state that Gov. Mario M. Cuomo "dispatched a marginal challenge" (news
article, Sept. 14)?

Given that it is generally only the hard-core party registrants who vote in a
primary, the numbers are significant for an underfunded unknown against
the party incumbent.

Such cavalier dismissal also helps give credence to the Fulani charge that
she is the victim of an establishment determination to give her no press
play for fear of building her up. But even if you believe that it was not
Lenora Fulani on the merits, but a protest vote, is it not significant? JOHN
F. McALEVEY Tallman, N.Y., Sept. 14, 1994