Adirondack State Park

John and Marlene McAlevey

John F. and Marlene McAlevey, High Peaks Region, NYS, 2007.

John F. McAlevey has been a homeowner in and
an enthusiast of the High Peaks region of the
Adirondack State Park in New York State for
20 years.

Organized Au Sable Acres Land Trust, 2000
to remove previously platted lots from
future development.

John F. McAlevey

Together with wife Marlene, John spends much of his leisure time at
their home in Jay, New York. Winters are spent by their fireplace,
cross-country skiing and snowshoeing; Spring/Summer/Fall
activities include canoeing, kayaking, and hiking.

View from Mt. Van Hovenberg

A favorite view from Mt. VanHovenberg, Autum 2004

Both McAleveys enjoy entertaining and supporting local arts and crafts.

John F. McAlevey Adirondack Park

At home in the woods.

Adirondack Mountains

View from Silver Lake Mountain 2007.


Supreme Court, Essex County Index # 306-98
Judgment and Order filed October 22, 2002

In this important litigation John McAlevey decisively established the right of the
property owners in this 900 lot subdivision to enforce covenants and restrictions which had long been treated as a nullity by the local bar.


J.E.M.S. - The Jay Entertainment and Music Society, Inc.

In 2007 John McAlevey volunteered to mediate an impasse.  Pro-bono he became the midwife attorney who, representing neither site, effected the arrangements by which the philanthropist Richard Ward was able to donate to JEMS the Amos and Julia Ward Theatre in Jay, New York.

The culminating document, reflecting over fifty-five hours of legal work, was recorded in the Essex County Clerk's office, Miscellaneous Instruments, Book 26 at page 310 on 13 February 2008.