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February 26, 1959. ROCKLAND INDEPENDENT and the MAHWAH STAR.

Three Candidates Chosen to Run in Village Election

Sloatsburg — Sloatsburg Democrats named John A. [sic] McAlevey, Angelo
Mottola and Stanley Coe as their candidates for Mayor and trustees, respectively,
in the village elections to be held March 17. The candidates were chosen at a
Democratic caucus held Thursday, Feb. 19, at the Sunnyside Restaurant in
Sloatsburg, attended by 50 people.

Mr. McAlevey, 36, an attorney, has been active in the affairs of Sloatsburg
Democratic Club since moving into the village in 1957. Married to the former
Hazel Hansen, he is the father of five children. He attended Manhattan College
and Columbia University School of Law. He is admitted to practice in New York
and the Federal District Courts of the southern and Eastern Districts of New York,
as well as the Supreme Court of the United States. His principal work is as
counsel to a national insurance association with headquarters in New York City.
He is a director of several corporations.

Mr. McAlevey was an Eighth Air Force fighter pilot in England during
World War II. He escorted heavy bombers on 29 missions over Germany and was
discharged with the rank of captain after four years of active duty….. [Photo]
Editor’s note: Mayor of Sloatsburg, NY, was John F. McAlevey’s first public


March 8, 1961, The Journal-News newspaper, Nyack, NY
Maybe smart, Maybe Not

[Editorial by an opposition newspaper questioning the wisdom of the Sloatsburg
Democratic party for resisting Mayor John F. McAlevey’s tenure.]

Final paragraph: “Regardless of what happens at the election and regardless of
whither future political winds may blow, Mayor McAlevey has hauled Sloatsburg
up by its bootstraps during the last two years and pushed it ahead, an
accomplished[ment] the village will one day appreciate perhaps more than it
does now.”

An Open Space Action Institute Report
For municipal officials and civic leaders

By Charles E. Little
Chapter I. Coming to Grips, p. 1-8
What happened in Ramapo…
APPENDICES A-E , pp. 103-119
This appendix reproduces the full text of these statutes:
Ramapo Drainage Commission Legislation (A), p. 103-107
Ramapo Interim Development Law (B), p. 108-112
Ramapo Average Density Law (C), p. 112-114
Ramapo Development Easement Acquisition Law (D), p. 115-118
New York General Municipal Law, Section 247 (E), p.119

August, 1970, RAMAPO AMERICAN Published by Ramapo Democratic Committee
Tells it like it is

April 30, 1972, Sunday Star-Ledger, by Jack Elliott

Rockland finds formula for a troubled airport

Ramapo Town Supervisor John F. McAlevey (D.) and Ramapo Town
Councilman Hyman Jatkoff (R.) worked with the Rockland County Planning
Board and the Town Board of Rockland to keep the Ramapo Valley Airport

October 25, 1970, Sunday, The Sunday Record, Section D1, D3
Suburbia Takes Charge, by Albert Winslow, Jr.
        Controversy around vote to build public housing.

March 28, 1971 The New York Times, Real Estate, section 8, pp. 1, 6

Innovator in Suburbs Under Fire, by Alan S. Oser  (see below)

Link to Continued Article, "Innovator in Suburbs Under Fire"

April 15, 1973 The New York Times
Computer Will Handle A Town’s Assessments, by William G. Connelley, p.1 ff

Also, a series in The Journal-News, Sunday,
April 29, 1973, Taking the inequity out of property taxes, by Robert Graham Johnson
April 30, 1973, Assessments perpetuate inequities, by Robert Graham Johnson
May 1, 1973, Computer resolves assessor’s dilemma, by Robert Graham Johnson
May 2, 1973, How one town found a way to beat the assessment trap,
                       by Robert Graham Johnson
May 3, 1973, Achieving equal protection under the assessment law,
                       by Robert Graham Johnson
May 4, 1973, Only strong officials can resist pressure, by Robert Graham Johnson
                       Reprinted in THE ABC OF TAXES, the Town of Ramapo, NY
                       News articles about the Town of Ramapo’s new assessing system

October 1, 1973 TIME Magazine
Special Section:
THE LAND BOOM, Land Use: the Rage for Reform
Ramapo, NY, p. 96
        Synopsis of events leading up to the New York State Court of Appeals upholding
        and praising J.F. McAlevey’s Master Plan.

A Case Study of Ramapo, NY
By Gary K. Duberstein

A Senior Thesis Presented to the Faculty of the Department of Politics and the
Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, Princeton University.
McAlevey” pp 95-98. Quote: “… we’re going to build the public housing and if
the people don’t like it, I’m not going to be Supervisor any more. I’m not in
office to do nothing but get reelected. I’m there to do something. If people don’t
like it, I’m not going to be there any more. So what?”— J.F. McAlevey

Sept./October 1984 ON TRACK
The Monthly News Publication for Metro-North Employees. Page 4, photos
          News article about committee Chairman, John F. McAlevey

March 17, 2002, The Journal-News newspaper, Nyack, NY

Constant water thinking

Editorial that mentions J.F. McAlevey: “As for growth, Rockland must take a
lesson from the days of Ramapo Supervisor John [F.] McAlevey and the famous
“points plan” in place in that township in the 1960s. No builder could proceed
unless he accumulated enough points for sewers, other utilities, green space,

December 2003, PLANNING Magazine, pp. 4-9
The magazine of the American Planning Association
What Ever Happened to Ramapo? by Julienne Marshall

A poster child of 1960s growth management grows up — and out. Julienne
Marshall puts this New York town in perspective.
[See JFM’s Letter of March 2004, next section]

October 26, 2005, The Journal-News, serving the Lower Hudson Valley since 1850
OUR VIEWS [Editorial Endorsement]
St. Lawrence in Ramapo: If re-elected though, he must see both sides of the fence

"….Not since Supervisor John F. McAlevey have we seen such dedication to the
job in the Ramapo supervisor’s seat. Indeed, had that interest been there since
McAlevey’s historic 1960s points plan for land management and growth, there
would not today be the problems there are in Ramapo.";jsessionid=HWYNY1wDLfz22MTH5hYvdd714

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